A couple of photos

The debut of Les Pelicans last Sunday was a roaring success. I grabbed a couple of grainy iPhone photos of them, here they are for your delight and delectation. Regrettably the ones I took of Matricarians were just too blurry.

Les Pelicans

James D. Rousseau

Teej Kapowski

Teej Kapowski

– Eion


Acoustic night @ kilau

It’s a busy weekend for kilau! As well as the Mindscape exhibition we also have great music lined up for Sunday night!

So here it is:

Sunday 22nd November

Maticarians – Improvised musical pieces inspired by the folk songs of North East Scotland. By their own description they sound like “a river of rowies cascading onto a corrugated iron roof.” Not to be missed!

Les Pelicans – I am very excited to announce the debut of Les Pelicans featuring Teej Kapowski and James D. Rousseau. CHECK THEM OUT!

Music from 8.30pm and entry is free!

– Eion