Acoustic Night @ kilau

This evening, Sunday 27th September, for you delight and delectation the musical stylings of Magic Bullet and Safety Net!

Music from 8.30pm and entry is free!

Friday night jazz!

What else am I going to announce at this time of night on a Thursday? Jazz on Friday of course!

Starting at 9pm and featuring Fraser Peterkin and a couple of enigmatic musicians.

Entry is free!

The most listened to music – August 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Look at this! It’s only 3rd September and I’ve posted the list! Hooray!

Here we go in reverse order!

(Song Title/Artist – Album)

10. Hummingbird/Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue

9. Cliquot/Beirut – The Flying Club Cup

8. We Thought We Were Ghosts, But We Are Feathers/Audrey – Audrey

7. Combing My Soul For More/Amplifico – See Heart See Muscle

6. Strangers/Portishead – Dummy

5. Sour Times/Portishead – Dummy

4. Mysterons/Portishead – Dummy

3. Heartbreaker/The Cardigans – First Band On The Moon

2. Pacific Theme/Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It In People

1. Superconnected/Broken Social Scene – Broken Social Scene

And that is what has been mostly playing at kilau this month. Narrowly missing out on the top ten; Counting Crows and Elliott Smith.

Play count reset. New list next month.

– Eion