A New Exhibition at Kilau, Little Belmont Street


Introducing the first exhibition of work by Alan Davidson in over 30 years! The opening night will include a live set by Kitchen Cynic to compliment the pieces on display.

This special exhibition will run from Monday 10th October to Saturday 7th January.

Private view Sunday 9th from 8pm – 10pm with music from 9pm.

Kilau will be closed all day Sunday, but open as usual on Monday morning!

– Eion


Makin’ Tables

From used pallets (thanks Dad) do beautiful tables grow. But first some prep work.

Wanton destruction.

Some of them put up quite a fight.

And now I understand why Dana was laughing so much.

We worked hard, okay? We needed a beer!

Small but mighty. Like an Extra Strong Mint.

Don’t mess.

The Beast.

The Beast makes light work of the pallets!

Who knew the inside of pallets would be so beautiful?

Table Prototype 1. Looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself!

Plenty more work to do here, I’ll keep you posted.

– Eion

A very kilau Christmas CD.

Introducing the greatly anticipated 4th instalment of the kilau Christmas CD, “Merrily we go 4th”!

kilau Christmas CDs!

Also available is the “Kristmas at Kilau best of vol. 1-3”!

CDs are £3 each or £5 for both! All monies will be going to charity.

Available for sale now at kilau, little belmont street!

“Merrily we go 4th – the fourth Kilau Kristmas Kompilation”

1. Kopi Luwak – Welcome to Merrily we go 4th

2. Tim Courtney – Auld Lang Syne (Burns)

3. Panda Eyes – White winter hymnal (Fleet Foxes)

4. Jim Ewen – At the fireplace of Christmas past

5. Les Pelicans – Cold nose

6. Genevive – Silly boy, tis Christmas

7. Matricarians – The bells, the howling wind & the bells

8. The Oxbow Lake Orchestra – Now that you’re gone

9. Mark McCabe – Just like home

10. Mrs Norrie & Magda – Oh holy night (Adam)

11. Kitchen Cynics – A silent night

12. This is the banjo – Never gonna be a white Christmas

13. Katerwaul – December doesn’t hurt

14. Jon from Curators – Last Christmas (Wham)


“Kristmas at Kilau – best of Vol.s 1-3”

1. Les Pelicans – Nuclear winter

2. Tim Courtney – The snow will last a little longer

3. Jim Ewen – Happy tin toys (kilau blend)

4. Matricarians – Tipsy little carol

5. Kitchen Cynics – When Vincent Winter passed

6. Mark McCabe – A happy non-denominational Winter etc

7. Craig Davidson – Way

8. Katerwaul – A softer sense of silence

9. Ashley Park – Goodbye

10. Debutant – The King of Doublespeak

11. Kitchen Cynics – Mulling it over

12. Ry Walker & Mark McCabe – Old-fashioned family Christmas

13. Jan Deal – Child’s Christmas in Wales (Cale)

14. Tim Courtney – You were everything

15. Kitchen Cynics – The holy & the ivy

16. Jim Ewen – The gift that keeps on giving

17. Mark McCabe – We three kings

18. Matricarians – Four Christmas improvisations

19. Kitchen Cynics – Kristmas time at kilau

20. Kopi Luwak – Seasons greetings


So much fine music for such little money! How could you resist?

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed to these CDs and especially to Alan Davidson who has tirelessly produced these CDs for us for the past 4 years!

Seasons greetings,

– Eion

Acoustic night @ kilau

It’s a busy weekend for kilau! As well as the Mindscape exhibition we also have great music lined up for Sunday night!

So here it is:

Sunday 22nd November

Maticarians – Improvised musical pieces inspired by the folk songs of North East Scotland. By their own description they sound like “a river of rowies cascading onto a corrugated iron roof.” Not to be missed!

Les Pelicans – I am very excited to announce the debut of Les Pelicans featuring Teej Kapowski and James D. Rousseau. CHECK THEM OUT!

Music from 8.30pm and entry is free!

– Eion