A New Exhibition at Kilau, Little Belmont Street

Introducing an exhibition of work by the Polish Society of Aberdeen.

The exhibition will run from Sunday 19th June to Saturday 13th August.

Come along and check out a Polish perspective of our beautiful country!

– Eion


A New Exhibition at Kilau, Little Belmont Street

A new exhibition of work from Sarah McGarva and Lola.

Monday 10th January – Saturday 26th February.

“From The Rooftops”

Sarah is that girl with the tangled curly hair springing out from behind her camera. She makes a living writing and designing and web editing for people who make a living making a difference, she spends most of her spare cash on books and cinema tickets, and she likes to portray herself as ridiculously crafty (although ridiculously good at procrastinating is closer to the truth).

Sarah been snapping and doodling for years, but this is her first exhibition. She’s got a lot of admiration for gritty realism but in her own home she’d rather have images which make her smile – and so that’s what she creates. She hopes some of these pictures put a smile on your face, too.

Sarah witters on a bit at www.sarahrooftops.co.uk and drinks a lot of tea.




By day Lola is a sensible girl who takes care of old books, manuscripts, glass plate negatives, photographs, papyri and ostraca. By night she loves to craft, blast her senses with music and films, and take photos every spare moment she has. She fell into this exhibition by accident, but then few Super Awesome things in life are planned.

She hopes one day to have her own dragon, and then maybe look for a prince.


New Exhibition at Kilau, Little Belmont Street

A new exhibition of work from Jennifer McKinlay

Monday 13th September – Saturday 6th November

Jennifer McKinlay

4th Year Fine Art student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee.

As I am now entering my 4th year of study, I have been researching for my dissertation over the past few months and this has greatly influenced the works I have created for this exhibition.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are the main focus for my dissertation and it is the way that he skilfully uses the English language to create sentences that seem like nonsense but that actually have a clever and humorous meaning to them, that has really captured my interest. It has lead my thoughts to the meaning and origin of words, how grammar can change the meaning of a sentence and how imagery can help to influence how a sentence might be interpreted.

My drawings are both addictive and fun to create. The process begins with the choice of text and the image follows naturally. Although some of these works are simply based on silly thoughts that pop into my head, a couple have been created with people that I know in mind, and the rest of the works here started out life as well known idioms.

New Exhibition at Kilau

A new exhibition of work by Elaine Mackay

Monday 26th July – Saturday 11th September

Elaine Mackay

I graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2009 with BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting.
I now live and work in Aberdeenshire.
My current working theme surrounds my ideas on understanding the growth and development of my own mindset in relation to other females. Also developing my own theories on how my personality is split between my dominant public persona and my submissive and insecure private persona.
I wish to depict the female symbolically through the use of flowers and curves and sensual shapes, using a rich and luxuriant colour palette and range of textures throughout every image. I aim to portray dark beauty and pleasure in developed sexual awareness and also in venting privately submissive traits whilst continuing to maintain a confident and self assured public persona.

New Exhibition at Kilau

A new exhibition of work by Sarah J. Stanley.

Monday 29th March to Saturday 22nd May.

BUY and the supersonic ad campaign featuring product A

You know you want to buy ‘product A’. Actually you don’t, but you will after you have seen The Supersonic Ad Campaign’s work and seen ‘BUY’-a straight talking painting. What product A is you will know, in your heart, and you will receive supporting products to remind you of your awesome choice and make you feel happier and more fulfilled.
‘BUY and the supersonic as campaign featuring product A’ is a show of film work, drawing and painting by artist Sarah J Stanley.
sarah j stanley works in aberdeen as an artist and musician. graduating from art school in 2006 with a BA(hons) in fine art she has since gone on to start the art initiative project slogan, and shows work in galleries around the UK and beyond.

New Exhibition at Kilau

An exhibition of work by Chris Henderson.

Monday 7th December to Saturday 30th January.

The End.

an exhibition of photographs by Chris Henderson

Long before being a professional photographer had ever crossed my mind, I saw cameras not as a means of simply recording an image but as a way of creating something new and unique.

Photography was not about capturing things as they were.

I deliberately sought out cameras which would make photographs with character, lenses which would leave behind a distinct personality embedded in each image they created.

I wanted my cameras to intervene, to alter and manipulate what was in front of the lens and to make something unpredictable and exciting out of the all too familiar surroundings of Aberdeen.

The work in this exhibition was shot over a period of several years, mostly on film.

Many of these images I would describe as experiments or happy accidents, the processes and equipment used having as much of an influence on the final image as I did as a photographer.

I’ve called this show ‘the end’ mainly because a lot of the facilities, cameras and film I used to create these photographs have since become harder to find, prohibitively expensive, or even extinct, possibly forever.

The dominance of digital photography may not literally be ‘the end’ of these techniques, but they have become far less accessible to new photographers than they were when I shot these photographs.

Every photo in this exhibition has had some sort of digital reworking, but none of them would exist as they are without the unpredictable quirks and imperfections of the analog processes used to create them.

If you’d like to find out more about the photos in this show, the techniques used to create them and my other work, please visit my blog at:


Chris Henderson graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2006. He reluctantly ‘went digital’ in 2007 and now works as a freelance photographer documenting weddings, events and the Aberdeen nightlife scene.

New Exhibition at Kilau

An exhibition of work by Stu Allan

Monday 17th August to Saturday 10th October

I paint people.  Using friends as subjects, I  try to reflect a feeling of each personality in all individual works.  I choose not to include a background because i want each piece to focus solely on the subject.  Instead, I leave all drips and marks which occur during the painting process.  I do this because I feel it is important to show some of the history of the final product.
I like to leave visible brush strokes because I want my paintings to look like paintings. I do not believe in doing a painting to look like a photograph.
I take influence from many different areas of art. From traditional artists like Lucian Freud, graffiti artist David Choe and portrait and tattoo artist Shawn Barber.  Surrounding myself with creative people is also very important to me and my work.

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3' by 2'

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3' by 2'

You can see a selection of Stu’s work here.