An exhibition of work by Stu Allan

Monday 17th August to Saturday 10th October

I paint people.  Using friends as subjects, I  try to reflect a feeling of each personality in all individual works.  I choose not to include a background because i want each piece to focus solely on the subject.  Instead, I leave all drips and marks which occur during the painting process.  I do this because I feel it is important to show some of the history of the final product.
I like to leave visible brush strokes because I want my paintings to look like paintings. I do not believe in doing a painting to look like a photograph.
I take influence from many different areas of art. From traditional artists like Lucian Freud, graffiti artist David Choe and portrait and tattoo artist Shawn Barber.  Surrounding myself with creative people is also very important to me and my work.

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3' by 2'

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3′ by 2′

You can see a selection of Stu’s work here.


An exhibiton of work by Nicole Niven.

Monday 22nd June to Saturday 15th August.

Nicole Niven
I graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2007 with a BA
(Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking.  I now live and work in Aberdeenshire.

I get my inspiration from the everyday and what may seem
like mundane things in life.  In my work I celebrate the everyday and the
use of vibrant colours.  My prints start of as paintings, mono prints,
screenprints or drawings before they are manipulated through the use of
photography or photoshop.  My newest works use resin to bleed into the
paper after printing and change the colours vibrancy.  I never know how the
colours will change until the resin has been poured.

"pretty beetle"

“pretty beetle”


Jo Gannon FLyer

An exhibtion of new silkscreens and monoprints by Jo Gannon.


You can find out more about Jo and her work at her new blog; jogannon.wordpress.com and flickr page.



1st March to 25th April

Shaun Hughes @ Kilau Coffee Shop and Gallery


by shaun hughes

This show chronicles the making of ‘mother’, my 1970’s set short film about a family torn apart by the wife/mothers suicide. The film focuses on the relationship between the father and daughter characters in the wake of the loss, and shows how in their grief the daughter falls into her mother’s place.

In a bid to attain a period aesthetic using modern equipment we shot the film using prime lenses from the 70’s and used an adapter to attach them to a Sony HVRZ1 High Definition camera. This kit was provided by Dave Falconer of Falcon Audio Video (www.falconaudiovisual.co.uk). Dave also served as cinematographer on the project.

Making this film was truly a collaborative experience with Richard Browne holding dual responsibilities of lighting and sound as well as taking some production photos. Caroline Smith produced the film as well as playing the mother character. My girlfriend Becky Wheeler came onboard as production assistant and photographer.

In front of the camera Lindsay Cromar and Sarah Birtles also delivered as the father and daughter respectively. Tim Courtney, of the band Katerwaul, provided the films score.

The film is still in post-production after which I will put it on the festival circuit and look to get it screened as widely as possible. For now I hope this show can act as a preview and as a glimpse into my filmmaking process.

Please visit my blog at: www.shaun-hughes.blogspot.com for more information about this project and all aspects of my work.

Shaun Hughes.

Falcon Audio Visual Logo


Berlin Street Art

11th January to 28th February

Myriam Ceglarek @ Kilau Coffee Shop and Gallery

My name is Myriam Ceglarek and I am the photographer of this exhibition.

I have studied various art disciplines from fine arts to art history in Germany and have finished my studies in Scotland. I have lived in Berlin for eight years. The impulsive city makes it always worth it to have your camera with you. In 2006 I started to concentrate my work on the Berlin Street Art. In this exhibition at Kilau Coffee you will find an impression of the large number of painted walls in the areas of Friedrichshain in the East and Kreuzberg in the West of Berlin. Many of the original paintings and stencil works don’t exist anymore unfortunately, many of them have been replaced by new ones…


2 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. These pieces are not yours. Art work by other people. If you wanted to document Berlin street art as a photo journalist, I might suggest you think about your compositions and tonal range of the photographs. Maybe using photographic paper might help. A good black and white photograph should have a broad gradient from highlights to shadows. Most of these pieces look like photo copies. Is this on purpose?

    I also think the bulldog clip idea is a nice way to present the photographs opposed to the clip frames.

    I hope this has been of use to you Myriam.


  2. Ben,

    Of course I know that the stencil works, etc. are art works by other people. That was exactly the reason why I took photos of them.
    The photos are my photos of art works of other people. In the streets of Berlin. That is the reason for the title “Berlin Street Art”. And not “Myriam Street Art”.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Not of much use unfortunately but I do appreciate your comment.


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