That function on Saturday night

Was the launch of Katerwaul’s debut album Here There Is No Why.

It was an amazing night and a good time was had by all. You can check out photos from the night courtesy of Christopher Henderson. You can check out his Flickr set from the gig here!

Katerwaul album launch - Tim

Katerwaul album launch - Tim

A sneak-peak from the Flickr set!

The Katerwaul album is available now from One Up.

New Exhibition at Kilau

An exhibiton of work by Nicole Niven.

Monday 22nd June to Saturday 15th August.

Nicole Niven
I graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2007 with a BA
(Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking.  I now live and work in Aberdeenshire.

I get my inspiration from the everyday and what may seem
like mundane things in life.  In my work I celebrate the everyday and the
use of vibrant colours.  My prints start of as paintings, mono prints,
screenprints or drawings before they are manipulated through the use of
photography or photoshop.  My newest works use resin to bleed into the
paper after printing and change the colours vibrancy.  I never know how the
colours will change until the resin has been poured.

"pretty beetle"

"pretty beetle"

The most listened to music – May 2009

Oh no! Late with this two months in a row!

Here we go in reverse order!

(Song Title/Artist – Album)

10. Iron Man/The Cardigans – First Band On The Moon

9. I’ll Be Arriving/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

8. Send My Fond Regards To Lonelyville/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

7. Hours Last Stand/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

6.Hey/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

5.Shampoo/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

4. 123 Goodbye/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

3. I Heard Your Voice In Dresden/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

2. Doomsday/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

1. Chains, Chains, Chains/Elvis Perkins – In Dearland

Oh my! A whole lot of Elvis Perkins! In Dearland is sublime tho. If you haven’t heard it yet then I can’t recommend it enough!

Just muscled out of the top 10 was Fiona Apple and Ladyhawke, wonderful both!

Play count reset! New list next month!

– Eion