A holiday you say?

Listen up people! Both our shops will be closed early tomorrow (Monday 27th) for a local holiday.

kilau, 9a little belmont street will be open 10am – 6pm

kilau, 57/59 high street will be open 8am – 2.30pm

Sorry for any inconvenience, we’ll be open as usual on Tuesday!

– Eion


New Exhibition at Kilau, Little Belmont Street

A new exhibition of work from Jennifer McKinlay

Monday 13th September – Saturday 6th November

Jennifer McKinlay

4th Year Fine Art student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee.

As I am now entering my 4th year of study, I have been researching for my dissertation over the past few months and this has greatly influenced the works I have created for this exhibition.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are the main focus for my dissertation and it is the way that he skilfully uses the English language to create sentences that seem like nonsense but that actually have a clever and humorous meaning to them, that has really captured my interest. It has lead my thoughts to the meaning and origin of words, how grammar can change the meaning of a sentence and how imagery can help to influence how a sentence might be interpreted.

My drawings are both addictive and fun to create. The process begins with the choice of text and the image follows naturally. Although some of these works are simply based on silly thoughts that pop into my head, a couple have been created with people that I know in mind, and the rest of the works here started out life as well known idioms.