New Exhibition at Kilau

An exhibition of work by Stu Allan

Monday 17th August to Saturday 10th October

I paint people.  Using friends as subjects, I  try to reflect a feeling of each personality in all individual works.  I choose not to include a background because i want each piece to focus solely on the subject.  Instead, I leave all drips and marks which occur during the painting process.  I do this because I feel it is important to show some of the history of the final product.
I like to leave visible brush strokes because I want my paintings to look like paintings. I do not believe in doing a painting to look like a photograph.
I take influence from many different areas of art. From traditional artists like Lucian Freud, graffiti artist David Choe and portrait and tattoo artist Shawn Barber.  Surrounding myself with creative people is also very important to me and my work.

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3' by 2'

neil 2, oil on canvas, 3' by 2'

You can see a selection of Stu’s work here.


An apology and an update

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!

Not just over a month since a Most Played Music list, but over a month since I’ve updated anything at all! I am sorry! The kicker is that there will be no Most Played list because of a Mac related meltdown before I’d saved the list, but after I’d reset the play count. Too cruel!

With regards to the kilau on campus, things have slowed down a little, but we are soldiering on! All the electrics are done, all the plumbing and all the equipment is in, and we’ve painted the shop front! Hopefully there will be more (exciting) news soon!

In the mean time here’s a wee photo of the shop front!

Painted Shop Front!

Painted Shop Front!

And a tasty treat!

A tasty latte by Mark!

A tasty latte by Mark!

– Eion