Makin’ Tables

From used pallets (thanks Dad) do beautiful tables grow. But first some prep work.

Wanton destruction.

Some of them put up quite a fight.

And now I understand why Dana was laughing so much.

We worked hard, okay? We needed a beer!

Small but mighty. Like an Extra Strong Mint.

Don’t mess.

The Beast.

The Beast makes light work of the pallets!

Who knew the inside of pallets would be so beautiful?

Table Prototype 1. Looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself!

Plenty more work to do here, I’ll keep you posted.

– Eion


A back garden update…

What was that? You haven’t heard anything new about the back garden? It doesn’t mean things haven’t been done. Check out this heap of photos!

Some soil enriching compost. (Thanks Dad!)

I broke the fork. I’m putting this down to my super strength rather than buying cheap tools. Right?

Some finely turned soil.

Mum plan ding up the garden like a champ! All the plants here have been gifted to us by the wonderful Diana – cuttings from her own garden no less! Cheers Diana!

A cracking job and looking brilliant!

And we may also have bought us some chairs! Its getting closer, folks!

– Eion

Day seventeen in the kilau back garden


Some rather nice chuckies.


This is pretty much it, folks. Now we just need to get some furniture.


Pretty good, huh?


And here is our first plant! A lovely lavender from Ian from MacBeans! Cheers, Ian!


This sinister beast, borrowed from Phil, is what’s going to hopefully solve our furniture issues. I’m going to try my hand at making some tables and chairs!


The important thing is respect it, not fear it. Even if it does seem to creep closer to you when your back is turned…

– Eion