Something you should know…

Hello all,

Just a quick note to let you know that we will be closing at 6pm tomorrow (Sat 31st Jan). We will stop serving food at 5pm.

Why are closing early? Well, it just so happens that these beautiful people (and aren’t they beautiful?)…

dan and rach

dan and rach

…are getting married!!

Congratulations Dan and Rach!!

They have kindly invited us all along to the reception!

We will be open again as usual on Sunday morning!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused (you can blame them!)!

– Eion


Status Update

Good evening!

A quick update on how things are going at the new shop in Old Aberdeen!

Craig has been working like a trooper and has put up the partitions for the disabled toilet, and built the framework for the cleaners cupboard. Wiring has been run.

We’re getting there!!

– Eion

The Kilau Blog

Hello and welcome!

This is the first in what should hopefully be a regularly updated blog. I have decided to start this blog as there may be a few exciting changes happening soon and this seems like a good way to keep track of them.

I hope I don’t ramble too much…

Here’s a nice bit of latte art for you to look at. We’re getting better!

– Eion