Life for kilau coffee started back in January 2004 on Little Belmont Street in Aberdeen.

57/59 High StreetAberdeen 01224 485510

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Sunday: Closed

email: info@kilaucoffee.com

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lynn, sorry we’ve been a bit erratic with Sunday evening opening hours of late. We’ve had too many staff needing that night off. We hope that we should be able to be more consistent soon


  2. Hi Guys, don’t know if you’ll remember meeting me, I’m Lauren who owned Muffins Coffee Shop in Laurencekirk, Joe Morgan worked for me.
    I’m taking the bull by the horns here, Muffins lease ran out and there was no negotiation with the landlord, so unfortunately we had to shut the doors.
    Was wondering if you needed any equipment to buy, I have a complete kit of everything you could want coffee machine wise (except cups and saucers) Iberital L’anna espresso 2 group machine, 1 year old, grinder , jugs , knockout drawer, Parry double panini grill, polar 3 door refrigerated counter server , some crockery. Was just a thought….let me know if your interested in anything.
    Look forward to hearing from you either way
    Lauren Smith

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I might be interested in some of the stuff from you but I’m really busy at the moment and it might be a couple of weeks before I can come and see you. Are you looking to get rid of the kit quickly?


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  5. I am in Aberdeen tomorrow with a band and need some Mangajo. Do you have Goji berry and Pomag in stock?

  6. Hello! Can we confirm on the belmont street opening hours? I see there was a request to update them back in april but I thought they had changed again? Thank you!

  7. Hi Laura, The published hours are the hours we are most usually open. Sometimes these change a little due to exhibition changes and other events. We try and advertise the changes as much as possible, but we have to admit, we are not always the best at it!

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