Happy New Year!

Hey, just a wee note to say Happy New Year and give everyone a heads up on the impending work at Little Belmont Street. We will be closing from the 8th of January until 10am on the Friday the 13th (kilau’s 8th Birthday!!) Whilst we are closed, we will be mostly doing painting and plumbing and trying to smarten up those pesky toilets. We are hoping that 2012 will be a great year for kilau, we got confirmation of our building warrant for the high street shop in mid december, so we are hoping to start work on the upstairs early January too!

I hope this year brings everyone what they hope for, and look forward to seeing you in one of the shops soon.

c xx

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year Kilau. Love your coffee, and always (usually) a friendly banter. Funny thing though…when asking if I could consolidate 2 of my stamp cards into a single card (Sat 5th Feb), the young lady in question flatly refused. apparently this was to ‘teach me a lesson’. Is it customary to teach your regular customers lessons in a way that is fairly embarrassing in front of a friend?call me old fashioned, but I’ve drunk coffee in excess of 50 countries, I’ve been in 2 wars, I’m working my way through my PhD and I lecture at the School of Architecture. I really don’t feel I need taught any lessons…thank you very much. Or maybe it was all just a joke, and I missed it. Please treat your customers with respect, otherwise they’ll tweet everyone they know and share their experience. Unimpressedly and disappointedly yours…Grant (mature adult coffee lover)

  2. Hi Grant, I’m sorry you had a bad experience in kilau on Saturday. I have spoken to the staff involved and they assure me that it certainly wasn’t their intention to embarrass you and they are very apologetic. I hope, by approving your post and responding, I have demonstrated that we take your complaint seriously and value your feedback and custom.

  3. Hey Craig…thanks for getting back, and in the cold light of day, it’s not perhaps the cranky issue I made it out to be. We all work very hard, and if we take things too personally all the time we’d be in a right pickle I suppose. The lady who served me has done so many times, and has always been pretty cool, so maybe just crossed wires. My first whole day off in almost 3 weeks, so perhaps just bad timing. No hard feelings on my part, and happy coffee drinking ahead. Thanks again for getting back

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