Tesseract Exhibition @ Kilau


Tesseract is a group of architecture students, lead by David Fleck, from RGU in Aberdeen, who came together under the common ambition of using our creativity for humanity.

Here’s a word from David:

Last year I got together with a bunch of other architecture students from RGU and decided to try and get involved in humanitarian architecture, a decision which ended up taking us halfway around the world to Delhi to design an entire school. We went out to the small local charity in Delhi at the end of the summer for just a few short weeks, not really sure what we would be able to provide, and just hoping that our creative input could somehow be useful. As it turned out, we were given full responsibility to design a new building which will be used as a school, women’s empowerment centre and temporary accommodation – construction is now underway, and so we are liaising with contractors and engineers in Delhi, and trying to raise funds so that the building can be completed.


We are keen to engage other students, and the rest of the city, in humanitarian issues and the amazing difference we can make by using our skills and creativity, and so we’ve set up a society at university and we’re holding lectures and events throughout Scotland (which is very scary!). Something we are really interested in is the place of beauty in architecture, and how a simple practical space can be transformed with just a little design.


And so off the back of all this comes this exhibition- a Smörgåsbord of illustrations and art inspired by our experiences, photography (both from us and the children we were working with), and architectural design. I guess if you had to place a theme on all the work, it would be something to do with community and interdependence- something the people in that area of Delhi are great at. All the money raised from selling prints will go directly towards the school’s construction- we are trying to raise £65 000 altogether, but this exhibition is not so much about the money raised as it is about encouraging people to do something that really changes lives.

You can follow the progress of the Tesseract project here: http://tesseractproject.wordpress.com/


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