The most listened to music – April 2009

Hello, hello!

A little late on the music update, my apologies! Here it is though in reverse order…

(Song Title/Artist – Album)

10. Major Label Debut/Broken Social Scene – Broken Social Scene

9. Finish Your Collapse And Stay For Breakfast/Broken Social Scene – Broken Social Scene

8. Roads/Portishead – Dummy

7. Strangers/Portishead – Dummy

6. The Music That We Never Hear/Morcheeba – Big Calm

5. Part Of The Process/Morcheeba – Big Calm

4. Colorblind/Counting Crows – This Desert Life

3. She Bangs The Drums/The Stone Roses – The Complete Stone Roses

2. Blindfold/Morcheeba – Big Calm

1. Les Chams-Elysees/Joe Dassin – Grand Collection

Loving some poptastic Frenchness, and besides from Broken Social Scene we’ve been going old school!

Just falling short was Elliott Smith and the brilliant Jo Mango 

The idea of doing this all through isn’t quite working out. The Mac I use is my own, not kilaus, and it compiles my play list with what I’ve been listening to at home so it’s not accurate. Does anyone know if it’s possible to keep everything separate?

– Eion