Status Update!

I’m sorry it has been so long since my last update, things have been happening but a little slower than we hoped. If you regularly pass thru Old Aberdeen you’ll have noticed that the scaffolding is down, and has been for a wee while now. The building has been repointed and the windows on the top floor have been replace; the outside is looking splendid!

back buildingThe back of the shop looking great, and on such a nice day too!

front shopI think it’s looking pretty great. Of course the weather helps no end!

It’s not just the outside that has been getting all the attention. Inside Craig has been working up a storm painting, plastering, building carcases for the counter and putting up wet wall.

carcasesThe worktop carcases huddle in the living room waiting patiently to be installed downstairs!

takeaway 1The painting is nearly complete and the wetwall panels have started going up.

wetwall!And this is the first of the wetwall panels up in the disabled toilet area!


– Eion


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