Status Update!

Good morning!

A quick update and a photo!

I don’t have too much to report I’m afraid to say. A couple of things have held us up but we are making progress!

New Flooring!

New Flooring!

So, new flooring in! Doesn’t it look nice? We’ve also made a start building our counter, but no photos of that, sorry.

Work has finished on the roof, repointing and the windows have been replaced, and rumour has it that the scaffolding is coming down soon!

Thats about it for just now!

A little photo of a latte just for fun!

tasty latte!

tasty latte!

– Eion

3 thoughts on “Status Update!

  1. How’s it looking these days?
    UPDATES people!
    You don’t understand HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS (to me)!

  2. Sorry John, I hadn’t realised it’d been nearly a month since the last update. Hope the newest update will tide you over!

    – Eion

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