What Would You Like To See?


So, this blog has been up and running properly for nearly two weeks now. So far so good.

Now, a question. Is there anything you would specifically like to see on the blog? Is there anything you don’t like? Let me know what you think by commenting to this post!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Eion


4 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See?

  1. i 2nd food pics. The coffee pics are great, but want more.
    Maybe a calander with the events and downloadable rss stream to iCal and Outlook. (just found the basic calander)
    a pdf of the menu.
    pictures of all the cheery staff.
    a style sheet, unless my browser is playing up, which is possible, there doesnt appear to be a style sheet so everything looks like…its in a word document.

    glad to see Kilau online tho, just discovered the Twitter account yesterday.

    best of luck, done a good job so far.
    I’ll be in for more Chi Tea sometime, playing on my macbook

  2. Quite enjoyed the double-espresso tonight @ your place…best I’ve had this side of Florence, Italy!!

    Enjoying a nice visit from Houston and your shop was recommended by the baristas @ Starbucks – Union St. Quite the complement, I’d say!

    You’ve got a great vibe and nice decor…hope to back again in the future!

    I’ll add you to my Twitter follow….all the best!

    Houston, TX

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