Our 5th Birthday!

Just back from a wee shindig for our 5th birthay! Some drinks and food with family and friends at the shop. Thank you all for coming and thank you all for your continued support!

Embarrassing photos to follow soon.

Five! More! Years!!!

– Eion


8 thoughts on “Our 5th Birthday!

  1. happy birthday kilau! sorry for the belated response! i forgot that the fabulous kilau shares it s big day with another fabulous thing…my mum. celebrations all round. warmest wishes for another 5 and many many more happy years of yummy crepe and fine beverage making hugs all round xxxxx

  2. yas min, good stuff!
    hope to come in soon, i believe i owe you some money…! shocking behaviour i know, i just keep forgetting!

    much love x

  3. Yas min! thats so great
    hope to be in soon as i think i still have a tab to pay off….! shocking behaviour i know!

    much love x

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